RecFest 2022

Thank You!

To all the TA superheroes who joined us at Knebworth Park, thank you!
To all our partners, sponsor and suppliers who made RecFest possible, thank you!
To all the amazing speakers that inspired us, thought us, and moved us, thank you!
To everyone who wandered the field, soaked in the content, danced until late at the afterparty, thank you!
RecFest 2022 will not go unforgotten. Something special happened at Knebworth Park…

… (inspiring message from the team)


The Industry Reunited

After two years, finally, 3,000 Talent Acquisition professionals gathered once again to reunite the industry in an atmosphere like no other.

TA Professionals

Resourcing Leaders

Technology Experts

New Hires

We Learnt

With 5 topical zones, 10 unique stages and over 100 expert thought leaders, the day was packed with inspirational content for all minds to wonder and learn from eachother.

Expert Thought Leaders

Topical Zones


Panel Sessions

We Celebrated

With over 50+ wonderful activities, 10 open bars, 10 street food vendors and a long night of celebrations with comedians and dj’s, we bonded with our team, with our colleagues and with our industry.



Street Food Vendors


See for yourself ⋅ The Photos

And 2023 will be no different!

Yes, you heard right, we are already planning for 2023! And we can ensure you that, if you enjoyed this year, you won’t want to miss next year, see how you can get involded.