RecFest through the years…



Rich Mix
The beginning. An event that broke the mould of beige conference rooms, shirts & ties, and tired regurgitated content. Instead cutting-edge thinking took centre stage to an audience relaxed in shorts, summer garms and flip flops, hosted in a performing arts studio in east London.




HMS President on the Thames
Based on HMS President on the Thames, 200 people braved the journey into London on the day of the largest travel strike the UK had ever seen! Undaunted, taxi sharing, cycling and rickshaws were utilised, and RecFesters were not disappointed by making the journey as they celebrated a great day of speakers late into the night on the banks of London’s river



Borough Market
London’s iconic Borough Market staged the first truly outdoor event experience, and a crowd of 480 people enjoyed roundtables and talks, headlined by the debut of the now famous Virgin Media Candidate Experience case study.



Hawker House
For the first time ever, RecFest moved to a multi-stage event venue (Hawker House) to accommodate the 900 person audience, selling out RecFest a record 3 months in advance. An unknown Chris Wray headlined the day with a story of the world’s first recruitment chatbot, leading to a global boom in the chatbot industry within Talent Acquisition




Hawker House
Returning to Hawker House in South London, with an audience now over 1500 people, the Americans invaded the stages with 6 of the States’ best speakers, offering a truly global feel to RecFest for the first time. Kevin Blair of IBM closing the show




Mudchute Park
Big tops and big ideas! RecFest, for the first time, realised a lifelong ambition of becoming a FULL festival! With 5 huge stages accommodating 3,000 people in 2 fields in the south of London, RecFest 2019 announced itself as the biggest and most adored event for TA on the planet. With well over 100 speakers from every corner of the globe, the list of amazing talks were truly plentiful, and their impact has been felt ever since.



Virtual – RecFestOneWorld
In the midst of the pandemic, we had to convert RecFest to an online event. We did it for our community, and to make noise for the important work TA professionals carry out every day. RecFest 2020 will always standout not only for being online, but for welcoming RecFesters from 75 countries from around the world.



Dreamland – July 2021

Recfest July was an epic first reunion of the TA industry. We witnessed friends and colleagues, both old and new, reconnecting in the glorious Margate sunshine which made it a truly incredible event and one for the books.

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